ImagePro has been helping customers succeed through high-quality printing, design and marketing services since 1997. We are a highly specialized and experienced team of professionals. We are known for great customer service, high quality printing, and competitive pricing. We take pride in working directly with you to understand your needs and objectives and to help you succeed.

Our Purpose is simple: Delight Customers! Our mission is to help customers succeed through effective printing. We achieve these two objectives by living our focused values.

1. Compassion
I give customers, team members, and myself the benefit of my understanding, patience, and forgiveness. I speak with kindness and live with empathy.

2. Quality
I do top-notch work that meets or exceeds the expectations of customers and team members. I seek always to improve. We stand behind our work and promptly do whatever it takes to make things right when we fall short.

3. Easy
I make it easy for customers to do business with us and for team members to work with me. I get to “Yes!” by having a positive, problem-solving attitude and by focusing on what we can do.

4. Quick, Correct & On Time
I produce orders as quickly as possible while maintaining quality. I always strive for shorter turnaround times. I know that due dates are sacred, so I never allow a job to be late. I under-promise and over-deliver and get orders out early.

5. Profitability
I work hard and make wise use of materials and time. I work smart and continuously seek better ways to do things. I avoid mistakes. I charge accurately.

6. Integrity
I keep my word and the word of team members. I speak and act with honesty and fairness in my dealings with customers, team members, and vendors. The company is fair to me, and I am fair to the company.

7. Success
I help clients achieve their goals using our products, services, and expertise. Management ensures that team members have the tools, training, and support to succeed. We work together to help one another and the company to succeed.


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